Spread a smile project!

Hello Peeps!

This is a humble appeal to everyone who feel they can contribute to this project. Please read carefully!
With the modern societal pressures on the rise. YOLO & FOMO are trending! Peer pressure is becoming the reason for many of us to compete. The age of genuine competition is kind of a passe. Today we compete not for achievements but rather to match the status with our peers. We tend to focus on instant gratification. In this process we lose a lot. Why do we compare? When we very well know that "Comparison is the thief of joy!" Well I am not sure why, but we do. Most of us are guilty of indulging in it. We need to break the chain. We need to make empathy, happiness, joy and love a core feeling once again. A feeling that is detached from any materialistic goals. Thus my quest has led to a unique project. Thanks to my cousin Ms. Shreya Kulkarni. This is her brain child. Completely her idea. I am just a messenger. I believe in her. I feel this idea needs to get it's fair share of "attention" and recognition.

Bear with me as I explain the details. We both do not want any credit or fame from this idea. Neither we are expecting any monetary gains. We are doing this because we felt the need for it. It may seem as a very banal plan but in these times. It is the thing we need! We both came upon this so called "unique" but trivial idea to "Spread a smile!" We would like to involve as many volunteers as we can. The more the merrier. We need your help, your commitment. We need you to spread that smile. Spread it to people who need it the most. This enitre lockdown and pandemic situation due to COVID has made our lives miserable. People are struggling all over the world. We want to reach out to such souls. Especially the old ones, Grandma's, Grandpa's. People who are alone. Who live in senior homes and do not have anyone to listen to them. We want them to be heard. Spend quality time with them. Listen to them share their experiences. Share their happy moments. Orphans and children who have forgotten the beauty of a smile. It is our honest aim to help them realise. That they are not alone.

How do we achieve this? I believe, where there is a will, there is a way! Currently we are figuring out the logistics. We are even taking into consideration the possibility to do this online. Through zoom or hangout calls. However there is nothing better than doing this in person. We will soon chalk out a concrete plan to get this going. If you want to be a part of this project. Feel free to drop an email to the contacts below. We value your participation. Although we wont be able to give you anything monetarily. But we do believe you will be doing something so simple yet so noble. You shall spread smiles. A smile will go a long way. It is contagious. Life is a circle as we know it. It will come back to you as it travels. Be responsible and start collecting your smily points. Spread joy and positivity. Be a part of the "Spread a smile!" project.

We need you! Thank you :)

Sameer & Shreya

Email :
1. sameerankalgi@gmail.com
2. kulkarni_shreya@hotmail.com